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Meet Dr. Nathan Martin

Chiropractor Las Vegas Dr. Nathan Martin

Dr. Nathan Martin

Chiropractic Helped Even When I Didn’t Realize I Needed It

“I was first introduced to chiropractic in my career as a massage therapist in Utah. I worked for several months at a chiropractic office and the effects that I gained from chiropractic were enough to pursue a career in chiropractic myself.

I did not have any back pain or other symptoms, but the effect that I felt from my first chiropractic adjustment were enough to make me realize that chiropractic is more than back pain care.

There is such a profound effect that a chiropractic adjustment has on the mind, body and soul that I now feel the need to share that effect with the world.”

Love and care through excellent chiropractic care and genuine service is my goal.

Education and Care

Dr. Martin graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in December 2015. Dr. Martin loves practicing in a broad range of care, such as, back pain, pregnancy, pediatrics, scoliosis, disc care, and cranial sacral treatments, he feels confident in caring for any and all ailments pertaining to chiropractic care.

Outside the Office

Dr. Martin is a strong member of society participating in family, religious, community and political endeavors. His growing family remains his number one motivation in life, but love and quality care for patients comes in close second.

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